British Empire Exhibition 1925 Bronze Medal


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For sale we have a British Empire Exhibition Bronze Medal 1925.

Great Britain Bronze, obverse illustrating the left-facing bust of King George V, surrounded by inscription "GEORGIVS V BRITT OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:" and engraver marked "B.M." (Bertram Mackenna) at the base of the bust, reverse illustrating three women, the woman in the foreground bent over and carrying a bundle of wheat sheaves, the woman in the centre standing and holding a small house in her hands, the standing woman at the back resting her hands on a lever with a large wheel in front, with the engraver mark "P.M." (Percy Metcalfe) at the lower left.

Size 5 cm diameter.

Weight 68 g.

This item comes with the original box.

The item is in excellent condition as can be seen from the photographs.

For reference our order code for this item is 13249

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